February 24, 2006

Quote of the Day

As many of you know, I have been a regular poster at Muslim Wakeup! ("MWU!") since 2004. Over that time period, there has been an endless supply of education to be done on queer/genderqueer issues, which has involved me repeatedly outing myself as both a lesbian and a transsexual and then playing "I can crush your tiny mind with my Islamic learning on the subject." These e-stonings are endless; it's like it starts all over from the beginning every month and I have to refight the same battles with fresh new faces.

The good thing is the many BGLT&S folk on the site. All of them except one identifies as a "supporter" but they are all a great relief.

And today, one of the supporters said something to an idiot that really hit me in the gut. I repeat it here with the understanding that this might be not quite emotionally as striking out of context, but it hit me hard.

And as far as clear evidence [about homosexuality being permissible or impermissible]? It's about as clear as tapioca.

And like tapioca, it's not meant to be clear. It's meant to be fulfilling, add some sweetness to your life and sustain you until the morning.

A nicer thing has never been said about being queer on that site, in my humble opinion. A little tapioca has gotten all of us through the night on more than one occasion; I'll share that I had my own difficulties yesterday and it was only the tapioca what got me through it.

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gromphus said...

wow. that's awesome!!!! yesss!