February 10, 2006

Naked Olympiennes

I'm not sure if this is on a lighter note or not, but the same website where WTTO found the spy-masturbation story also features a collection of photographs of naked and semi-naked female Olympians. (Unless your boss encourages you to look at naked women, this link is probably not safe for work.)

I'm also not sure what's most disturbing about this - the really really skinny naked chicks, or the fact that athletes at the height of their career are apparently more interesting as sex kittens. (On the other hand, though, the fencer is really hot...)


aurora said...

Fencers, in general, are really hot. Oggling while at competitions was one of my favorite high school pastimes.

...I need to get back into that sport.

ngbmn: A hot ass clad in tight white knickers.

maudite entendante said...

But - but - she's not wearing breast guards!! ;p