February 15, 2006

Naked Legs!

If you've ever been to WTTO's place, you may have noticed naked legs in the corner:

Naked Legs

Sex toy? Photo shoot prop? Simple conversation starter? Discuss. (Incidentally, in the 12 hours this photo has been on Flickr, it's gotten 80 hits. Apparently naked legs are popular.)

Edit (18 hour mark): We're up to 105 hits. Man, I wish *I* were this popular.

1 comment:

wannatakethisoutside said...

I would like to not that while the books in the picture (genderqueer, gender outlaw, changing sex, calculus, etc) are mine, the legs are not. They used to be in (roommate)'s room, where they were even scarier because I could see them from the futon and, as you may have noticed, their proportions look very sickly and startling (especially in person when you can see how long they are).

I will direct roomie in question to comment on their existance.

I just think they're odd