February 12, 2006

My new workout routine

If, y'know, I actually worked out.

But if I did, I'd want to go to "Stiletto Strength" at Crunch Gym, apparently the only fitness class for we who love Pointy Shoes of Doooom.

"Stiletto Strength" was launched in January in response to client griping about getting back into high heels for winter.

"They're businesswomen and they have to wear heels so they want to understand how to look better in them and feel confident," Cyrus said.

Participants wear running shoes for the first part of the class, which focuses on strengthening lower body and abdominal muscles and improving balance and posture. The heels come out for the last 15 minutes.

Not that I need strengthening or anything - I've been a Certified Stiletto Diva since about seventh grade (when I realized I was never going to hit five feet tall) - but anything that makes heels more comfortable, and improves balance and posture, can't be all that bad. And besides, I'd get to wear heels while I exercised! A considerable improvement over sneakers, even my hot-pink sneakers.

(The strange thing is, my balance in heels is fine - every time I've sprained an ankle, dislocated a knee, tripped over my own two feet, fallen flat on my face or my butt, torn ligaments, or broken bones, I've been wearing flat shoes. I wonder if they have a program to help with that?)

(These, btw, are my happy pink stilettos. Me? Femme? Noooo...)

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