February 16, 2006

Manly Mansfield

Was anyone able to make it to Mansfield's talk on Manliness in Kirkland last night?

When a male student mentioned Sojourner Truth as an example of a woman demonstrating courage and freedom, qualities Mansfield ascribed to manliness, the professor asked, "Have you noticed how much more assertive you have been than any woman in the room who has asked me a question?"

A woman who had previously spoken responded loudly, "I beg to differ!"

"That’s right, you BEG to differ," said Mansfield, without missing a beat.

...I wish I had been there.
One audience member went further than criticism of Mansfield’s arguments.

"He’s a heretic and if Harvard was still in the 17th century, he’d probably be burned at the stake," said Alfred Alcorn ’64, an SCR member.

Mansfield, who ignited arguments but staved off flames last night, remained mum on whether he is a manly man.

"That’s for others to decide," he said.

Oh, man.


wannatakethisoutside said...

I don't wish I had been there.

I do wonder whether he thinks of the way he reacts to women making comments as part of what reinforces certain behaviors.

tea cozy said...

I have been offered $50 to ask mansfield whether or not he seriously thinks he has ever given his wife an orgasm.

I'm really sorry I missed this opportunity... I thought it was happening tonight.

word of the day: okinge, that special kind of cringing you do when harvey is inadvertantly allowed to commandeer a room in which to be a jerk.