February 18, 2006

the latest programmable USB peripheral

I know you non-geeks are already yawning. But you shouldn't be. Because I'm actually writing about a vibrator.

Yes, you heard me. The "Je Joue" (Apple's translator widget tells me that this means 'I play') comes with software called "PleasureWare" that allows you to build custom "grooves." It can also connect to the internet and download grooves created by other users. This feature is called - you guessed it - "PleasureShare."

Over at slashdong.org, blogger qDot is pretty much freaking out over the awesomeness of the Je Joue. I, um, think I would be too. Ahem. If I had a spare £225 - that's $400 for those of you keeping score at home - sitting around to spend on it. Ouch.

PS. slashdong.org is officially my new favorite blog. Some recent topics: "teledildonics," math porn, how to mod your sex toys into geekier and more exciting sex toys, and - I am not making this up - "The Top Ten Sexiest Female Robots."


aurora said...

You can also turn your cell phone into a vibrator. (See!)

wannatakethisoutside said...

Math porn!?!


qDot said...

Heeeeee, thanks for links and the compliment! Glad you like Slsahdong. ^_^