February 15, 2006

kind of exciting

So, today I was having lunch with four [straight] friends of mine who are not at all involved in queer activism or the queer community (I know, shocking, right?). One of them, though, is on the FUP e-mail list, and right out of the blue, he brought up the Trannys Talk Back booklet, which was apparently posted to the FUP list at some point. He admonished everyone at the table to read it, and said he was really moved and impressed by it.

I think what he said was something like this:

"I mean, the discrimination is just unbelievably absurd, and it's hard to know about it...find out about it, it just doesn't sink in until you really, really read people's stories like this. It's just completely shocking. You should really take a look at it."

Thank you, straight-FUP-friend. :)


tea cozy said...


I posted this approximately a week ago... how come it didn't go up then?

icarus said...

that's awesome!