February 12, 2006


Understanding Poverty (Hardcover)

by Sheldon H. Danziger (Editor), Robert H. Haveman (Editor)

List Price: $58.50

- But don't worry, folks. the paperback version is only $25.95!

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wannatakethisoutside said...

Look, they understand poverty, okay.

Damn, they read it in a book.

If they discussed the fact the books are expensive at all, here's what might have been said (this is called realistic fiction):

Prof 1: I heard some students can't afford books.

Prof 2: Those poor kids asked us not to ignore poor people in the syllabus, now they are whining about having to buy the book. They should get a life.

Prof 1: Yeah, now we assign a book and then those poor people are too lazy to even read it.

Prof 2: Read it? They're too lazy to work hard enough to have the money to buy the book. If only poor people were less lazy, they wouldn't be poor.