February 21, 2006

an im high school reunion

When a distant acquaintance from high school ventures to inquire into your well-being as related to him by your facebook profile groups after two years of silence, one can't help but analyze the exchange.

him: haha "gay marriage killed off the dinosaurs"
An awkward attempt to broach the subject.
me: yes, see what an activist i've become?
Me refusing to rise to his none-too-subtle entreaty and enjoying ensuing discomfort.
me: pro-dinosaur.
me: extremely pro-dinosaur.
Me having fun.

His sudden interest couldn't be, no certainly not, related to the fact that my hair has gotten progressively shorter since graduating. It has nothing to do with the fact that I recently removed both gender and preference from my facebook profile. It's absolutely unrelated to my activities and affiliations.


wannatakethisoutside said...

If gay marriage killed of the dinosaurs...

Did bi marriage kill off the unicorns?

Or was that those creepy transsexuals ;-)

imagineme&you said...

"Transsexuals Sank the Titantic"