February 02, 2006

Fun for everyone...

For the religious readers:

And for the liberal readers:

(Sounds kinky)

Whichever is your flavor, you're guaranteed to have fun at a low price. And you can't complain that Massachusetts favors the left over the right... Both go for the same price.


katie loncke said...

speaking of liberal versus conservative readers, there's a conversation going on over on cambridge common that might be of interest to some of y'all--it's about sex-positive versus sex-negative culture, christian morals, and female masturbation. stop by and share your thoughts!

also, to icarus (relating to the "ladies only kinda lady" post from a while ago), i'm sorry about the bullshit you've endured on myspace and in life in general. i just came from a meeting with the cast and crew of the vagina monologues, and the show reminds me that in order to fully address sexual violence (physical, psychological, emotional, etc.), we must, as you said, recognize the larger systems of oppression embedded in our society. Rape and sexual assault are merely extreme instances of violations that many, many people survive on a daily basis. anyway, that idea really hit home for me tonight, thanks in part to your post, so i just wanted to thank you for sharing your frustration.

icarus said...

i would like to note that the above photos were taken while i was purchasing "Legally Blonde."
yeah Davis Sq.

Anonymous said...

Since when were "liberal" and "christian" necessarily opposite of each other?

wannatakethisoutside said...

I'm Christian and somewhere on the liberal-radical spectrum and clearly don't think Christian and liberal are mutually exclusive. Yet, I can see what Katie was referring to when she said "christian morals."

The term "christian morals," like the term "family values" has been appropriated by a certain group on the right to have certain meanings.

I am not saying we shouldn't work to reclaim those words, but I do think that these terms are often used to point to certain conservative viewpoints, often times.

I wish there were more representation of Christians on the left.

icarus said...

and thank you, katie, for your comment and thoughts. :-)

in peace,

The Mirrorball Man said...

For clarification: I didn't wish to imply that they were mutually exclusive, but just couldn't think of a better way to word it. I was originally going to put "Right wing" and "Left wing" but thought that being Christian doesn't necessarily mean you are "Right wing." So I think this is definitely an improvement, although it's not entirely clear.

Anonymous said...

Ah. Now I see what you meant.

For all the feminists out there, I just figured I'd print the prayer that the church I grew up in uses instead of the "Lord's Prayer."

It's called "Jesus' Prayer"

Here it is, taken from the church's website:

Eternal One, Father and Mother of us all,
Holy is your name.
Let justice and mercy fill all Creation
and let us recognize
that every thought and thing belongs to you.

Feed us with the bread we need for today.
Forgive our sins
as we forgive those who sin against us.
Stand with us in trial and temptation.
Free us from the grip of all that is evil.
For you alone are creating our universe,
now and forever.


Between that and the fact that the church's mission describes it as "welcoming people of all ages, races and sexual or gender orientations," I think that this is potentially one of the queerest most feminist christian spaces ever. (I mean, it's even more to the left than our synagogue.)

gromphus said...

You may also appreciate John Dear, author of Jesus the Rebel, who likes to say to soldiers:

“In the name of God, I order all of you to stop this nonsense, and not to go to Iraq. I want all of you to quit the military, disobey your orders to kill, and not to kill anyone. I do not want you to get killed. I want you to practice the love and nonviolence of Jesus. God does not bless war. God does not want you to kill so Bush and Cheney can get more oil. God does not support war. Stop all this and go home. God bless you.”

That's from his article, "The Soldiers At My Front Door."

Check 'im out at www.fatherjohndear.org.

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