February 27, 2006

For lesbian, transgender son brings pride and worry

This article is so sweet and so honest. It made me go "awww."

(note: i had to read it twice because I was confused what is going on - she is talking about her mtf daughter)

You might think it would be easier, as a lesbian already on the fringe of society, to embrace my child's differentness. Kate and I do celebrate both our kids' unique personalities, and we have always encouraged them to question the status quo and not to hesitate to be themselves at all times.

Yet, as lesbian mothers on the forefront of the "turkey-baster age," our parenting is often scrutinized. Foes and peers alike are eager to hold up our family - and others like it - as point-provers.

We strive to be evidence for the side that says, "See? Kids with two moms are just as normal as everyone else's." We haven't wanted to offer ourselves as examples for the side proclaiming that the lack of a male role model causes gender confusion and homosexuality (even though most transgender or gay people have heterosexual parents).

This article is very sweet and very direct, I thought. Worth a quick read.

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spork said...

Awww. Warm fuzzies all around. That Sweet Honey in the Rock song she quotes is one that's really important to me. I actually have the 4-part sheet music if any quenchers want to be big dorks with me and sing through it. It's SAAT (soprano, 2 altos, tenor), more or less.

though they are with you
they belong not to you...