February 20, 2006

FAQ: How do I submit pages to Quench?

Answer: There are many ways to submit to Quench. You can...

  • Email pages to us at quench.submit@gmail.com or quench.zine@gmail.com. You can also email pages to spork, wtto, or other quenchers who will forward them to spork or wtto.

  • If you've made non-electronic pages and would like us to scan them for you, you can email us and we'll give you a mailing address where you can send your pages.

  • Physically hand the pages to spork or to someone who will deliver them to spork.
Size counts:
If you can, please make your pages 5.5" wide and 8.5" tall (that's one half of a regular letter-sized piece of paper).

A word on formatting:
If you're emailing pages in, we prefer high-resolution JPG, GIF, or PDF formats - that way the page will look exactly the way you made it. If necessary, however, we can also accept Word Docs - just be aware that if you use any weird fonts that spork doesn't have, they will become boring regular fonts.

I think that covers everything. Happy Quenching!

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