January 16, 2006

Vagina Monologues Seeks "Stories to Tell"

A few quench-ers have been working on this, and it seems like it will be great. Submit stories at http://transmon.blogspot.com.

Don't forget to make them anonymous!

Here's the call for stories that was written:

If you had one story to tell others about your life as a transgendered
individual (transwomen, transmen and genderqueer and questioning people) or as a friend, family or loved one of a transperson, what would it be?

My guess is that all of quench's readers and writers are trans or SOFFA or something else that is attempted to be included in this description. So go post anonymous comments!

You can post more than once and you can also read other people's comments. which are already amassing.

So go there to read a more full description of how/why to submit!

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