January 16, 2006

This story made my night...

Bitch, Ph.D. frequently talks about her Pseudonymous Kid (PK), whom she seems to be raising in exemplary broad-minded lefty fashion, and I always enjoy reading about him (as well as her other thoughts and adventures). Tonight's entry, though, made me exceptionally pleased:

Pseudonymous Kid: Someday, when Squeaky and Micky grow up, they will have babies, and it will be so cute!
In fact, we seem to have dodged the pregnant-mouse bullet; neither of them has given birth yet, and neither looks notably pregnant
Me: Well, I don't think so, actually. They're both girls.
Pseudonymous Kid: So? My friend B. has two mamas.*

*I have explained to him how this works, and how yes, a kid can have two mamas, or two papas, or a mama and a papa, or just a mama, or just a papa--but to *make* a baby, it takes an egg from a woman and sperm from a man. Still, obviously the social cues he's working with are more important than the biology. As they should be.
(Read the full post for cute, heartening descriptions of Harry Potter slashfic roleplay, too.)

Wheee! This gives me hope for when I have smallpeople. It also reminds me of the kid in Victoria's Secret where, heaven help us, the Estimat and I were shopping for underwear for me. (Never have I seen someone so uncomfortable act so nonchalant.) We were being followed around by a small curious child, who finally ran back to hir parent and whispered very loudly, "Mommy, she's a boy!"

You're damn straight, little one. (And you're pretty much the only one around here who is.)

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