January 23, 2006

Show me your adjectives!

I was just made an admin of quench blog with a view toward a potential redesign, to be implemented sometime over the next month or three. (XHTML and CSS are mah bitches, yo. Unfortunately, my course schedule could say the same about me.)

So! Quenchistas! I need your thoughts, opinions, and comments on what quench blog means to you, so I can get a sense of what it should feel like. I've got my own opinions, of course, but this site is a group thang and always will be, so in this case the more people consulted the better. 'Sides, y'all are cool and talented and creative and smart as hell.

And a special request of Quenchistas with graphic design skillz! I need your graphic design skillz! If you like designing graphics, have your people talk to my people, and we'll do lunch. Er, or email me.

Let the comment thread begin.


icarus said...

can we make the annoying crimson bar on the bottom of our black header go away? i fuckin hate that thing. also maybe making it more pretty. by pretty i mean pink. but i think i'm outvoted on that (wannatakethisoutside *cough cough*)


aurora said...

We need marquees and blinking text.

Seriously? I don't really have any complaints. I could do with less pink :p
Also, I've got some skillz...poke at me if you want me to do anything!

maudite entendante said...

Thought: an archive/list of favorite posts (a la the left sidebar of Joe. My. God. - which I now love and adore). Also, I'm with icarus on the banishing of the crimson sidebar, aka the bane of my existence. And I, too, want more pink, but if anyone's masculinity would be othered by pinkness, I guess I can sacrifice. ;p

icarus said...

how would we decide which posts were the most favoritest?

i just made up a word.