January 19, 2006

Same-Sex Marriage in Nigeria and Sex Toys in Brookline

Once again, two unrelated posts.

I had heard that Grand Opening in Brookline was closing, but I had not yet heard that Good Vibrations is moving into exactly the same space, with basically the same management and stuff. It sounds like not a huge change. More scoop on the story is here.

On a more serious note, Nigeria is instituting one of the most serious same-sex-marriage bans that I have seen. They plan to jail anyone who has a gay wedding or officiates one. President Olusegun Obasanjo said that homosexual tendencies are un-Biblical, unnatural and definitely un-African." Isn't the northern part of Nigeria primarily not Christian at all?

I found an article about the same-sex marriage issue in Nigeria here. Does anyone have links to better information?


maudite entendante said...

"...un-Biblical, unnatural and definitely un-African." Isn't the northern part of Nigeria primarily not Christian at all?

I don't know about "not Christian at all," but if I recall correctly, the north of Nigeria is predominantly Muslim. Thing is, Christians aren't the only one who use the Bible as a sacred text ... and whenn you talk about the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible in particular, that's still very much a part of the Muslim tradition.

It's worth noting, however, that during the gay-Anglican-ordination kerfuffle, Archbishop Akinola (the Nigerian Anglican go-to guy ... can you tell I don't know Anglican hierarchical terms?) was one of the most vehemently upset anti-gay voices in the Anglican community. (Pretty suspicious stance for someone who wears a hot pink shirt with his clerical collar ... I'm just sayin' ...)

Anyway, he carries a lot of weight in Nigerian politics, and if he's saying something *and* the ultraconservative Nigerian Muslim community is (miracle of miracles!) agreeing with him, it's pretty much going to be taken by the government at face value.

Great news about Good Vibes, on the other hand. *smile*

WOTD: "szweqyip," that feeling of confusion when you don't know for sure if you've gotten a job but your putative-boss' assistant is trying to schedule your quarterly meetings with him. (That's a good thing, right?)

wannatakethisoutside said...

Thanks for informing me!

I also forgot about some of the old-testament Leviticus type stuff because, well, that's mixed in with all the other shit people aren't supposed to do, and was sort of thinking more of Paul, but now it makes sense. Thanks for informing!