January 18, 2006

the rich, famous, quietly queer

This post was inspired by Ellen DeGeneres. I love Ellen. She's a goddess. (Our one break from CNN all day is Ellen.) Today, she was talking about having her (30th!) high-school reunion on the show and glibly said, "Tell you want, Ricky Simmons is gonna be surprised. He's gonna want his promise ring back, I'll tell you that. Sorry about that, Ricky." So, it made me think, which is always dangerous.

What're thoughts on instances of politicians, authors, actors, etc. refusing to discuss same-sex relationships? Here's a quote from a 2005 Advocate interview of Portia de Rossi circa her stance in 2000:

When paparazzi pictures were published of you and your ex, Francesca Gregorini, nearly five years ago, you never said anything to the press about being gay. But you didn’t deny it either.

That was exactly my stance.

What about when people deny or even baldly lie? Celebrities, for example--do they have any especial duty to the queer community, as some would suggest? An interesting piece on AfterEllen includes an interesting statement of opinion:
Jodie [Foster] should come out of the closet because of what she could do for the lesbian and gay community. Jodie's clout, the respect she commands...will help make the world a more welcoming place for lesbians.
Then there's the should-it-matter line of reasoning...


icarus said...

this is a really interesting idea, and relates to another debate - about the ethics of outing politicans who support anti-queer legislation. there's a good article about it

raine said...

it's so interesting how many ways there are to evade a yes-or-no question. personally, i'm one of those people who's all for being up front about things, but perhaps i wouldn't be that way if i were a celebrity. i guess i'm fine with people giving noncommittal answers, but lying pisses me off, no matter what the context.

today's word: srlartqy. norwegian for the probably-gay dude with glasses who sits in the back of a classroom making snarky comments only he and the girl with too much hairspray in front of him can hear.

wannatakethisoutside said...

Speaking of yes or no questions, how awesome is the Mischa (some of you will remember this.)

Q: "Is there discrimination?"
A: "A non-discrimination code would protect people in the case of discrimination."

Best evasion ever!