January 17, 2006

quench zine

quench zine

It is 6:46 PM and I have lost my mind.

I have about two pages to go on this paper and I just saw my TF who graciously allowed me my third extension (until tomorrow morning), although if I were her I would certainly grade me down for being a whiny and irresponsible little bitch.

I really bit off more than I could chew with this paper; but I love the topic and… while I probably didn't make ALL the right choices, some of them were ok.

So how does this relate to quench? You mean besides the fact that I take a break and read the blog every time I start to think I am seeing beetles (freed from their Wittgensteinian boxes) crawling around the floor of Emerson Hall? Well...

It's a paper about Wittgenstein and how all of our naming involves choices about what's an object and what's not, and about our inability to do much without language, which involves this "objectifying" choice. I think it (and by "it" here I mean Wittgenstein's thought on naming, not my term paper) has implications not just for the way we practice philosophy, but the way we practice law, the way we practice politics, the way we write, the way we dance, and the way we fuck. Especially the way we fuck. What's in a name, after all?

Also, this is a paper about slopping glue onto things (onto pages?) and trying to get a label to stick... because we do that, we do that more than just in the "Don't label me, man," sense... we can't help it. What can you do for a day, not without using language (that's too easy), but without thinking of anything as an object? Without tracking change? Without making decisions as to which changes (in your perceptual state, in your bodily sensations, etc.) are important enough to track and which aren't? Which objects are important enough to call "objects" and which are just components?

Anyway. There's a lot more to naming than a glue-pot and pen.

There's a lot more to quench than a bundle of photocopied pages.

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