January 09, 2006

New commenting policy

New and improved! You no longer need a blogger account in order to comment on Quench. You do, however, need to not be a spambot. Can you handle that?

If you want to comment on something just because you can (n.b.: Quench fully supports exercising your rights just for the hell of it), this increasingly ridiculous conversation (oft referred to as "the buttfucking thread") would be a fun place to start.


wannatakethisoutside said...

It still says that this blog does not allow anonymous comments. Is there a technical issue? Or a lag time or something?

spork said...

sorry! it works now.

Anonymous said...

this is a test anonymous comment.

Anonymous said...

Now that I can be anonymous, I can type explicit things about buttsex.

Oh, wait, I did that already.