January 26, 2006


I haven't hung out with large groups of straight people since my summer job last summer but this weekhas been full of cool, as in more than generally cool but also cool as in cool with queer and trans stuff.

It's not that I usually want to distrust large groups of straight people, it's just that I usually go places with friends and allies of mine, many of whom are queer, along with anyone else we're hanging out with. There has been a bit of having to occasionally politely correct people's assumptions, words, or pronouns, but also realizing that my SOs friends are just pretty rad about everything in general.

It's also nice to hang out with feminist straight guys, who I mostly only see as a few of our quench writers.

None of these things are really what I was going to post about. The main thing is how weird it is to be like a magnet for people's gender/sexuality drama. If I tell someone I'm trans, they immediately want to talk with me about their gender issues or about a family member or friend who they want to talk about but were told not to tell anyone and were still unsure about words or had questions.

And everyone wants to talk with me about that time they hooked up with their roommate or best friend. They want me to tell them what it meant. Or even who in their group of friends I think is safe to come out to as gay or bi or trans. I mean, I come here several times a year and they trust me to know which of their friends are the safest: their friends that they see every day. I feel very trusted. It is also weird to feel like people's liason - or their one connection to the queer world. It's a strange kind of responsibility.

But also kind of fun.

I hope everyone's having a great week!

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