January 27, 2006

i must ask you, WTF?

Continuing to fill my role as totally ridic internet nerd-blogger here at Quench:

This shit is bananas.

For the slightly less nerdtastic, World of Warcraft (WoW) is an online role playing game (RPG) by Blizzard that has reached an unholy level of popularity. I work with this kid who just sold a character for $1,500. In genuine real-world US dollars. Bananas, I tell you.

Anyway, Blizzard was thoughtful enough to include a clause in their Terms of Use on "Harrassment - Sexual Orientation." The clause reads as follows:

This category includes both clear and masked language which insultingly refers to any aspect of sexual orientation pertaining to themselves or other players.
Awesome. I'm for it. Down with insulting others based on sexual orientation. I bet this means you won't be able to call people fags all the time when they shoot you, right?

Wrong. That's apparently fine.

But if you advertise your guild as 'not GLBT only, but GLBT friendly!'... well, then fuck you my friend, your guild will get disbanded and you could get suspended from the game. Because that might "incite certain responses in other players that will allow for discussion that we feel has no place in our game."

Oh, ok. So if it's just fag-bashing, that's coo. Frag on. But if you want to create a safe space for queer gamergeeks, well, that's against the Terms of Use. Because it might open a dialog on homophobia in gamer culture, and that shit is just not what Blizzard stands for.


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wannatakethisoutside said...

I just wanted to applaud the first WOW post on quench. Bonus points, spork.