January 22, 2006

How's it going?

Hey everyone! How's it going?

I just wanted to use this space to ask two types of questions.

1. How do you think the quench blog is going? What would you like to see more (or less) of? Please, be brutally honest (or ravingly happy if appropriate). Comments both from regular bloggers and lurking occasional readers who have never posted before and everyone in between are welcome!

2. How are you? How was your day or week? What's going on with you?

I can't wait to hear from the quenchinators.



andrew golis said...

Hi quenchzine!

I wanted to start this thread by saying thank you for sharing yourselves and your thoughts. I have appreciated both tremendously and come to the site every day. I especially appreciate your stories of the various daily struggles of identifying outside of preconcieved gender/sexuality "norms" because it helps me to try to understand the many things that I cannot from personal experience.

I would love to hear more thoughts on how you all think this affects/is affected by "mainstream" political discourse, what "supporters" can do to help, and other than that just more of what you're already doing.

yeah, thanks!

narcissusfemme said...

Roving reader here...

It would be nice to see some more local issues pop up (and by local I don't just mean Icarus' underwear drawer) now and then. That's what I like about Cambridgecommon--outside of the UC debate, they tend to pretty nicely blend campus and national conversations.

But I'm a fan in general, and thanks for the tektek link. Etc.

aurora said...

Overall, I think it's going great. (But then, I may be biased.) I'd like to see more anecdotes and more commentary on relevant events/news (local, national, whatever.)

I'm doing great :) One exam left! Yarr!

gyirk: The noise I made when I saw how hard it is snowing. (Before I realized that I have no obligations that carry my outside today...)

operation_mayhem said...

I'm not sure if I'm an official "quenchinator" just yet, but what the hell, I'll comment . . .

1) I think Quench is fabulous. There's not much discussion of this sort/on these topics in my neck of the woods (middle-of-nowhere, IL), and I really appreciate being able to hear others stories/opinions/experiences- I like to think it makes my struggle a little more humorous and a little less painful. Keep up the great work . . . you're changing lives and you don't even know it . . .

2) Aside from the nasty weather and ever-growing mountain of paperwork on my desk, I'm just peachy- thanks for asking!