January 06, 2006

from the hott natural fallacy boy

"A long, long time ago"

On the occasion of my third Christmas, I received from my grandparents a record player and a selection of their old records. I listened to all of them initially, but after a few months I decided my favorites were Julie Andrews and Johnny Cash, and subsequently listened only to those records. This ideal situation continued until age 4. Then one day, when my mother drove me to pre-school, she heard a small but exuberant voice singing from the back of the car "Oh, I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die..." Thenceforth, I only listened to Julie Andrews."

And... his fate was sealed.

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prince eric said...

Hmm...I seem to recall a great deal of Julie Andrews during my preschool years, too...

verification word of the day: octaxarm--obscure Scottish term for having eight exams.