January 16, 2006

Alito Wants Your Body

Wants to control it, that is.

Read on for a quick guide to Alito, an introduction to his disdain for civil rights.

Who is Alito? He's the judge who:

  • Upheld the strip search of a 10-year-old girl
  • Approves of machine gun rights
  • Often denies habeas corpus for death row inmates
  • 14:18 record for the defendant in employment discrimination cases
  • 17:24 record against asylum in life-or-death pleas
"Perhaps Alito's most memorable dissent came in 1996 in Sheridan v. Dupont, a sex discrimination suit...Alito, the lone dissenter, argued that his colleagues were going too far by allowing plaintiffs to get their case to a jury whenever they managed to cast any doubt on the employer's version" (SCOTUSblog).

Just because a victim of harassment manages to make it beyond "he said, she said" and begin to disprove the employer's version doesn't mean that he or she should be able to take it to court. Wait, what? Oh, yeah. That makes perfect sense if you're a right-wing fanatic in favor of maintaining the status quo and upholding power and its abuses.

"A dissenting opinion in Planned Parenthood v. Casey, 947 F.2d 682 (3d Cir. 1991), arguing that a Pennsylvania that required women seeking abortions to inform their husbands should have been upheld" (SCOTUSblog).

How to begin regarding the above? It needs no introduction, no commentary. What Alito's opinions deserve is a protest, a march. Three hundred angry, empowered feminists raging through Washington D.C., swarming the streets of New York, and screaming from atop the Golden Gate.

So, Alito. Some black Chanel and two pounds of Tammy Faye mascara, he'll be the mirror image of Ann Coulter. In fact, even Ann thinks so.

Coulter's thoughts on Alito: "Sen. Chuck Schumer...even has me convinced that Alito is going to vote to overrule Roe vs. Wade. (And just when I thought I couldn't be more enthusiastic about the nomination!)"

Ann Coulter likes the guy. Start looking around for the other three horsemen of the Apocalypse.


icarus said...

hi, and welcome to our newest Quench blogger! :-)

ps. Alito's mom has a pretty hot body, i'm not gonna lie.

emily0 said...

Couler... she's Death, right?

Revelations 6:8: "And behold, a pale horse, and he who sat on it, his name was Death. Hades followed with him. Authority over one fourth of the earth, to kill with the sword, with famine, with death, and by the wild animals of the earth was given to him."

(I know it says "he", but Coulter's a drag queen, as we all know.)

imagineme&you said...

Pale, pro-weapon, anti-welfare, anti-foreign aid, anti-environmental--yes, she fits to a t.

As to the latter, check out Annie's adam's apple.

wannatakethisoutside said...

Welcome. Thanks for posting on this!