December 08, 2005

Wow, Way to Out Someone!

Wow, the Crimson sure knows how to write. I mean, jeez. I read this & all I could think was, "Wow! Way to out someone hardcore!" They really put their back into it!

“I joined BGLTSA because I at the time saw gay issues as something that my generation needed to take a stance on,” Barusch says. “I felt that as someone who benefited from heterosexual privilege, it was my responsibility to take a strong stance.”

She also may have been drawn to the group for personal reasons. Barusch, who wore a white dress shirt and tie to FM’s semi-formal dinner event this weekend, identifies herself as neither male nor female. “She knows who she is and doesn’t feel the need to tell other people,” says Ayodola A. Adigun ’06, Barusch’s roommate for three years. “Margaret believes it’s no one else’s concern what gender she is.”

Good job, journalists, at finding what are obviously sensitive subjects and spinning them and the comments made by people into hyuuuuuuuuuj fucking drama. Nice to see you can handle an issue with sensitivity and without exploiting it for copy.

I can see it now: "Coming Next Week: a photo lineup of all closeted queers on campus, which we will then also email to their parents and friends."

Polite of them to add a photo, too, with her wearing a shirt and tie. Ooh, didn't they mention her clothing in the copy as well? Nice dovetail. Does anyone else get an outfit shout-out? No. And I bet that half those quoted were wearing pink sparkles or steeltoe boots. What a waste of an opportunity.

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