December 09, 2005

We're sorry...

Ok, so it's time we fess up and tell our loyal Quench readers why issues 3 & 4 (Can we have gay sex in Walmart?) aren't online yet.

Are you ready?


It's because we here at Team Quench have been *really* busy. Busy having hot sex.

No really, I'm serious. That shit can really mess up your motivation for doing things like... writing HTML.

But never fear, you shall have your online Quench and you shall have it very very soon. And until then, you can still enjoy issues 1 & 2. Just click the links in the upper right hand corner of this page.

Yay Quench!


wannatakethisoutside said...

This is yet another way in which there is a diversity of experiences and opinions among quench writers. For example, my experience is that I am not getting any. Please don't invalidate it.

I cannot believe that you tried to let one of us speak for all of us. I am personally offended.

Ha ha. Just kidding. But on a more serious note, since I'm not getting any, and am generally not that busy (sex or the lack thereof does not control my entire schedule) maybe I should offer to be more helpful with the HTML.

icarus said...

i would like to say that i am personally not having hot sex at this moment. but i also don't know html. oy.

bat dor said...

I wish I was having hot sex at this moment. I am not. This makes me sad. Most people eat ice cream when they get sad. I'm not most people. I write code to drown my sorrows, instead.

In other words, someone let me know what I can do to help.