December 07, 2005

trans activism and education event

Okay, okay. I promise I won't only ever post about things going on at Harvard, but I just wanted to urge everyone to go to the panel discussion that Josh organized for tonight.

Update in case you didn't know already, tonight there's a panel on trans activism and education. I guess I just think it's good that we all keep supporting the way BGLTSA has been going well beyond trans 101 the last couple of years and I think this panel is an example - bringing a relatively broad range of activists to Harvard to talk about activism and education on campus, in MA and nationally. Also, I think it's always time to talk about the relationship between teh BGLTQS community and the T community, and how we can all support each other.

So, below is the little blurb from Josh/BGLTSA.

I also just wanted to do a little shout-out to cambridge common for their discussions of the UC elections. Vote, everyone!

Transgender Activism and Education: Where the 'T' Fits Into the 'LGBS'

A panel discussion on issues of gender identity and expression in terms of local and national political activism, trans activism here at Harvard, the role of education in this process and where 't' and
'i/e' fit into the 'bglqs' community as a whole. Panel members will include Gunner Scott from MTPC, Sara Kimmel from UHS, Grace Sterling Stowell from BAGLY and Thomas Lewis of The GLBT Health Access Project. Don't miss this chance to meet some of the most prominent trans advocates from the Boston area and get an in-depth look into activism, education and community-building around trans issues.

Wednesday, December 7th, 2005
Sever 214

We will have a small reception (with tasty pastries) from 7:30-8:00PM, with the panel discussion to follow.

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