December 26, 2005

soccer practice with the water polo team

Last night I decided to show my 16-year-old straight boy little brother the wonder that is Soccer Practice.

About 20 seconds in: "I'm feeling kind of uncomfortable."

One minute later: "...I think this video is making me gay." "And how does that make you feel?" "I feel... empowered!"

10 seconds later: "Are those drag queens? Oh my god."

At the end of the video: "WHOA. That was TOTALLY uncalled for. Dude! AHH."

Some unrelated conversation followed, but after about five minutes my brother randomly interrupted: "Hey, do you have that soccer practice song just as a song, without the video? Because the video makes me hella uncomfortable but the song is actually pretty tight."

ah, little brother. so much fun to mess with.


icarus said...

d00d i fucking love that video. also, i want a wifebeater that says "gay pimp." anyone? anyone?

bat dor said...

I would just like to point out that Jonny "The Gay Pimp" McGovern is an alumnus of Boston University; specifically, the School for the Arts - now known as CFA, which stands for either the College of Fine Arts or, in the words of a bitter fine arts major, the College of Failed Aspirations.