December 15, 2005

Ryan's Op-Ed

Ryan wrote an op-ed in the Crimson today about words. For those of you studying too hard to read the whole thing, it says:

Pronouns and terminology that express personal identity are not just about semantics. Words are more than words. Ze and hir are necessary pronouns for people who may not identify in a binary structure of male and female, and calling these pronouns ridiculous fundamentally means that you think living outside of that binary is equally ridiculous. It’s not just a linguistic distinction, it’s a question of real, lived experiences of Harvard students who have been harassed, beaten up, chased, and threatened because they don’t conform to their attackers’ conceptions of “maleness” or “femaleness.” You don’t even have to be transgender to be a victim; you just have to look different than the stereotypical male or female gender norm. It absolutely happens at Harvard, and those who would feign blindness on the issue need to realize that people they know are victims.

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emily0 said...

i love you, ryan. marry me!
verification word: yhwdq, which is an ancient hebrew term for the shlong of G-d. note we leave it unpointed out of respect.