December 12, 2005

a perspective in what sydney's race riots are doing to everyone

Everyone's been talking about the race riots in Sydney and I was reading the Sydney Morning Herald this morning, which is, by the way, a fabulous paper, I read this editorial which I really think is worth reading, especially to hear the point of view of someone not involved in the riots themselves and how the riots have changed everyday life.

Also, an article about how PM John Howard for some crazy reason still is trying to convince the world that these riots are not about race. Sickening.

One more opinion here.

Interesting, here the largest paper in Australia blames male constructed gender roles for the riots. Something you would expect to see here in a WGS class, but I don't know if I'd expect it in a major paper.


A Christian Prophet said...

The Holy Spirit's message today on The Christian Prophet blog seems to say that Muslims create a backlash against themselves by insisting on feeling separate and different.

emily0 said...

Um, fucktard. You wrote that blog entry, so what does "seems to say" mean - aside from, "I am unable to understand my own writings", that is?

Nota bene: Talking in the third person about yourself is fucking creepy. Especially when you are blog-whoring for your crazed Christian rantings.

It makes one worry it is touched in the head.

Today's Verification Word is ruopdvzc, which is Polish for "Stroopwaffeln"

wannatakethisoutside said...

I had totally just assumed that acp was a joke. emily, are you joking too?

or was acp for serious?

i don't understand sarcasm on blogs so i'm just trying to at least follow this conversation.


nota bene: muslims are systematically targetted by western institutions. it is not as if muslims are creating some kind of secret conspiracy, using their economic and social power to inspire people to attack them.

emily0 said...

No, he's just barking mad.

takethisoutside, you should totally upload your Chibi as your profile.