December 12, 2005

One more place to micturate in peace

micturate v : eliminate urine
[From Latin micturre, to want to urinate, desiderative of
meiere, to urinate. See meigh- in Indo-European Roots.]

Spotted in a bathroom in Big-City University (where yours truly is currently a student): a class project to design "the bathroom of the future" produced not one, but three different gender-neutral bathrooms. Apparently, this is what the future holds. Although I'm not sure about the idea that "gender is so done" (I know a lot of people for whom it's a useful concept, even if it's more complicated than Bathrooms Of the Past would presume), I like these.

So two thumbs up to the Social Spaces class at B-C U; if any of y'all are curious about the project, I got the prof's e-mail address, and would be happy to forward queries along. (I'm not sure she'd appreciate me posting her address here, but I can't imagine she'd object to hearing from you...)

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