December 20, 2005

my congressman is sketchy

So this post has a little backstory. About a month ago, I called my congressman about the Darfur Accountability Act, asking him to cosponsor it. I kind of figured he wouldn't even support it because he usually doesn't support stuff like that.

This post isn't really about the act itself, but more about his response. When I first picked up his response and read it, I was surprised because it seemed to share my position - it seemed that he supported the act.

Then I looked again - he never directly said "I support the act." He in fact, deftly sidestepped the question, making it clear that he doesn't support it. He wrote 3 paragraphs on the act:

paragraph 1: summary - there is a conflict in darfur and it is bad.
paragraph 2: summary - an explanation of the act itself using very positive language, although, upon second reading, clearly doesn't actually say he supports it.
paragraph 3: summary - "we cannot falter in pressuring an end to this ethnic cleansing in Sudan... I am hopeful the actions of this Congress, working with the United Nations will bring an end to the suffering in Sudan."

But he never actually supports the act. He just clearly led me to believe that he does.

My senator is sending letters that intentionally deceive. I object!


bat dor said...

Wow. Your congressman sounds like a...a....what are they called...oh yeah - a politician.

The Mirrorball Man said...

...Or a Republican.