December 11, 2005

"i'm not telling you my gender" facebook group now has 69 members

I did not realize how many people were so supportive. 69 members already! Wow.

69 is good...

but I digress.

My feeling is that this is part of a more general rising understanding and support for trans students and staff on campus. (granted, the rising support seems to be a support for this general idea that they would support people if they knew hypothetical trans people, while still pretending that they are really far away and unknown, rather than realizing that we're everywhere and not just some sort of statistical anomaly.) I still think that this support is a great step. I mean, that people even were able to read what was on the facebook group and know what it meant and want to join.

Here is the text on the group page, for those not on the facebook:

Harvard makes you list your gender on my.harvard. Screw that. I protest.

Edit your profile to remove your "sex" from your facebook profile and/or join this group to show you don't think other people should have to put up theirs.

This group is also about not having to tell people one's gender, more generally, not just on my.harvard.

Clearly this doesn't cover all trans issues or even pretend to but it's the only facebook group I know of that is specifically dedicated to genderqueer/trans support.

69 friends and counting!

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