December 07, 2005

HRC Actually Does Something Good

And I'm not talking about the Harvard Republican Club, which also worked with BGLTSA this week.

I'm talking about the Human Rights Campaign, the largest organization that represents the 'LGBT' community, although it has a history of screwing the trans community, either leaving it behind to 'work on the more complicated issues later' or just forgetting about it entirely.

Anyhow, as background, about a year ago, after much protest by trans communities accross the country, with a big action from the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition at pride, HRC changed its mind and started advocating for trans-inclusive anti-hate crime legislation, instead of abandoning the trans community to make the legislation supposedly pass easier.

But I basically assumed, along with most people I know, that with the new HRC leader was gonna ditch us again.

But thanks to some absolutely fabulous activists, I have been proven wrong. People at MTPC and with other, mostly national groups, have dones some AMAZING education work.

In an open letter, some HRC leaders wrote

On another note, HRC's Board also passed a resolution clarifying our policy about inclusion of the transgender community in anti-discrimination bills at not only the federal level, but also at the state and local level. The resolution reads: 'HRC will support only those federal, state and local anti-discrimination bills that are explicitly transgender inclusive. HRC will continue to support efforts that are aimed at maintaining existing anti-discrimination protections that include sexual orientation or gender identity and expression or both.'
Which means that HRC is taking huge steps. For once, yay!

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