December 28, 2005

HA HA HA Fuckers.

This just in: Charlize Theron is the third leading actor to give the finger to the 1950s sexism of James Bond, following Angelina Jolie & Scarlett Johansson.

Fuck yeah!

Notice how the actors in question are described.

The new blonde James Bond is having a bit of trouble finding a 'Bond Girl.' A-list superstar actresses Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron have reportedly snubbed the chance to be the next Bond girl.

That has left the producers of upcoming film Casino Royale in crisis, according to one report.

Angelina was said to be set to 'toughen up' the role, while the 30-year old Theron was set to class it up. To make matters worse, 21-year old buxom blonde Scarlett Johansson has already snubbed the new 007.

They should have made the next James Bond a hot butch lesbian. That's my feeling on the topic.

Actually, you could aim for historical accuracy and make him a faggot. The "seductive opposite" in the Cold War years in real life was usually a man - I happen to know some ex-Cold War agents, and they were all faggots. The next 'Bond Girl' could be a man instead of standing in as his beard.

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icarus said...

someone make angelina fuck me.


also, charlize theron, annoying and blonde as she may be, also said that she and her boyfriend wanted to wait to get married until us homos are allowed to. dunno whether that's true, but i TOTALLY trust In Touch magazine, so there.