December 08, 2005

Breaking News - Take Action!

Nota Bene: The Slimy Bastich Reversed His Position

So you don't need to call him anymore.


The following is a NARAL Breaking News Alert that I thought Quench readers would want to know about -
- and, hopefully, also take action on!

Breaking News:
Romney Administration Blocks Rape Survivors
Access to Emergency Contraception

The Romney Administration has declared that hospitals in Massachusetts can refuse to provide emergency contraception (EC or the morning-after pill) to rape victims because of religious reasons.

The intent of the EC Bill was to ensure that ALL hospitals in Massachusetts offer EC to women who have been raped. We will work to ensure that rape victims are protected and the Legislature's intent in the EC law is carried out. But we need your help. Express your outrage at a public hearing regarding the new EC legislation.

Tuesday, December 20, 10:00 am
Mass Department of Public Health
250 Washington Street, Floor 2, Boston

For more information or to RSVP, contact Laura at 617-556-8800 x16 or

Please also take a minute to call the Governor at 617-722-2000. Sample Message:

"I'm calling to express my disappointment that the Romney Administration is putting hospitals' interest before the emotional and medical needs of women who have been raped. I urge the Department of Public Health to reconsider any attempt to promote noncompliance of hospitals in the new EC Law. The moral position is to provide women who have been raped access to EC in order to be able to prevent pregnancy as a result of the sexual assault."
Visit this web address to tell your friends about this.

You can sign up for NARAL Pro-Choice America's Choice Action Network at

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icarus said...

yeah, i called them and they were like

"ummm, the Governor loves emergency now. and he reversed his position too. we think."


icarus said...

note: i did not use the word "bitches" with any intent of degrading women. or female dogs. just to clarify.

icarus said...


i'm gonna stop now.