November 18, 2005

Hey, baby ...

... you got a boyfriend?

Yo, mama, that's some fine ass you got there!

Ay, mamacita linda! Hola!


Hey, honey, wanna come home with me tonight?

Mmmm, that's a nice skirt - what you got under that nice skirt, pretty thing?

Hey, la belle - tu vois qu'il y'a pas d'soleil a soir, mais comme toi t'es dans'rue, on en a pas besoin! Toi pis tes beaux yeux bleus...

Hey, there ... what's your name? You know, I've been seeing you in this station every morning and afternoon for a week, and I was thinking... well, it's not a great job I have, but I could provide for a lady like you, maybe even a few kids...

Yo, bitch! Yeah, I'm talking to you! What's the matter, bitch? Don't want to turn around? What, you think you're too good to look at me, bitch? You think you're too good to talk to me? Huh? Is that what you think, pretty bitch?

Sick of it?

Goodness knows I am (and yes, that's a small assortment of the real comments I've gotten walking down the street). So I was quite excited to find HollaBack NYC, a blog in which women (and, I'd imagine, anyone who finds themselves the target of unwelcome comments on the street) are encouraged to, well, holla back: respond to the comments, take a picture of the offender, if possible, and post an account of the encounter for the blogosphere to read.

About damn time, I say.

(link via Brutal Women.)


Ancrene Wiseass said...

This is absolutely brilliant. Thanks for the link!

emily0 said...

hollaback, biooootch!