October 29, 2005

The Orgasm Festival

He's no fan of les arts d'amour,
Thinks a woman who comes is a whore;
When such sentiments arise,
Is it such a surprise
If he doesn’t get laid anymore?
This clever little limerick was written by a commenter on a Feministe article about a Dr Michael S Adams, whose most recent ignorant lecture, entitled 'O' Awareness and Gender Identity, is just a picture of idiocy.

I'll highlight some of it, but read it yourself. In full.

There will also be a "vibrator museum" showcasing various sex toys including - but not limited to! - an antique vibrator from 1924. And there will be a vibrator raffle and lots of information on masturbation, orgasm and contraception.

Jessica Polka, an executive board member for the co-sponsor of the event, was recently quoted as saying that “We also have the goal of trying to work toward fighting the social stigma against female sexuality.” In other words, she wants college women to become whores without being ostracized.

yes, he did. he fucking went there. How'd you like to be his student?

Oh, what, I neglected to mention that he's a tenured professor? Yeah, his little personal history - behind that click - has this tidbit of enlightening information as well: "A few years later, Adams abandoned his atheism and also became a Republican." Ah yes, because the party of Lincoln is now the party of the theocrats.

BUT WAIT! - he's not done. No, he's going to go beyond literally saying that "women who have orgasms are whores". Oh yes.

Gird your loins, my fellow human beings:

But a word of warning to the young feminists of FSU is in order. Their events, which are geared toward women, do nothing to include certain groups that are suffering a crisis of "gender identity." And that is potentially problematic since Chancellor Moeser is now under pressure to add “gender identity” to UNC’s non-discrimination policy.

This new initiative would enable transsexuals in all stages of transition, such as cross-dressers, “inter-sexed” persons, and “inter-gendered” persons – groups that all deny their birth sex - to be included in the non-discrimination policy.

The level of ignorance that someone requires in order to assert that "'inter-sexed' persons" are part of the "groups that all deny their birth sex" is just straight-up staggering. Um, hello? No matter what you think about transfolk and genderqueers, there can be no arguing that the intersexed are born that way. That's the fucking definition - they are inter-sexed.
The Student Advisory Committee to the Chancellor recently met with Moeser to discuss what he should do and how students “feel” about this issue. Needless to say, if "gender identity" is added to the UNC non-discrimination policy, it could have serious implications. For example, the creation of gender neutral bathrooms and special counseling to help students “transfer” gender could follow.
Quick, call the National Guard! There's a war on, the Gulf Coast is a horrific disaster, but we must stop the gender-neutral bathrooms!
Given what we have just learned about the UNC students’ Orgasm Awareness Festival, it might be advisable for taxpayers to contact James Moeser (chancellor@unc.edu) to offer some insight on “gender identity discrimination.”
You know, I think I just might. I might drop him a line, and tell him how I feel.

Of course, I rather doubt I'll say anything that will please the Good Doctor... maybe you should do the same?

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