October 30, 2005

Isis Schmisis

Apparently the members of the Isis final club are not very with-it as far as techonology goes. They commited the deadly sin of making their HCS email list archive public - and now the whole campus is gossiping about what bitchy ditzes they all are.

...actually, that's not true. I've yet to hear anyone mention Isis's big omg-so-embarassing fuck up. It's the Harvard Crimson that's doing the gossip-mongering. Their coverage of the "story" is a truly fantastic read... if you really want to know which rich girls from LA and NYC said what about whom. Give me a break.

The Crimson article also revealed some shocking information about female finals clubs. Read on, if you dare:

"While the central role of alcohol in male final club events is well-known... the Isis archive suggests that heavy alcohol consumption is common among members of the female club as well."

WHAT?!? college kids who are members of exclusive social clubs drink!!?! a lot?!!? even when they're all girly?!?! oh noes!!1

"The e-mails also reveal that the Isis Club, formed in 2000, is beginning to forge an alumnae network that may give a boost to members seeking high-powered business jobs... The e-mails also seem to confirm the widespread impression that final club members tap into a network of alumni contacts in the post-graduation job-hunting process."

Privilege? Are you serious? Members of final clubs get sneaky advantages while seeking jobs? Really?

"The Isis archive seems to provide further evidence of the female club’s reliance on its male counterparts for social space."

I'm shocked and appalled. I thought female final clubs had complete parity with male clubs. Because clearly women are always respected here at Harvard!

Not bitter.

Anyway, I think we all know that the moral of this story is clear: never ever trash-talk people in publicly accessible places, especially not searchable ones like the internet.

...unless, of course, you can do it anonymously.


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you should all read Pledged: the Secret Life of Sororities, by Alexandra Robbins, for more such juicy gossip.