October 18, 2005

babes in the wood

this is another round of "emily zilch & the babes in the wood".

yeah, the facebook has creepy man-trolls. (does anywhere not? and can i please go there now?

this tool 'friended' me. i denied his ass: mostly i can't believe someone is so clearly spamming me - and like a total wanker. read this sexy, sexy come-on:

How are u doin? I like your picture, its different. I would like to chat with you to find out more about the rest of you. If thats coo wit u, hit me bac
did he just write, "If thats coo wit u, hit me bac"?

NO HE DI'N'T!!!.

n.b. my profile not only says i only like girls, it also starts with a firm disclaimer that i do not want to hear from men i don't already know AND has testimonials from friends that i like to cut up men into small pieces when they randomly "friend" me. after pillorying them publicly.

which i am now doing, incidentally. this is a public pillorying.

ironically, i can't block his ass because i'm not his friend, so i can't see his email address.



icarus said...



what's his name? i will sic the gayboys on his ass.

emily0 said...

http://northeastern.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1819275 : Northeastern U. Fitzgerald David.

please do so promptly. hee!

wannatakethisoutside said...

you gotta keep us updated on how this goes.