September 06, 2005

warren ellis rides again

thank you, warren, for making my day (night?) complete again:

In Variety today, Bryan Singer indicates that the shooting budget for his Superman film is somewhere around the $250 million mark. I'm assuming that at some point in the film the sun turns into Angelina Jolie's mouth and makes everyone on Earth ejaculate across 93 million miles. How the hell else do you spend $250M on a Superman film?
in the same issue of BADSIGNAL (his email missive to warren ellis' holy slut army), he adds the following:
Many people have written to remind me that TRANSMET features a superstorm that trashes a coastal city, complete with emergency services failure and an incompetent President. Rack that up with the two-headed cat, the glasses that take photos, the Smiler appearing as Kerry's running mate and every other goddamn thing... [snip]

I'd very much like it if my American readers in storm country drew up their own emergency plans now. Because the lesson of New Orleans is that if you're hit, no-one's coming for you for a week.

the brits know how to put it in as few words as possible, don't they?

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