September 24, 2005

This is me being a dork ...

But hey, what's a readership for, if not to solicit advice? ;-)

Say you've met someone twice ... and each time, they've mentioned being very busy and sleep-deprived because they're organizing a huge project.

Say that huge project was happening tomorrow afternoon (and if you came, it would be the third time the two of you had met).

Say the person in question is really, really attractive and interesting (and a known coffee-drinker).

Would bringing the person in question a cup of coffee to keep them awake during the culmination of the huge project and/or to congratulate them on its completion be: a) cute, b) creepily overeager, c) neither/some combination of the above?

My social life is in your hands, folks ...

[ETA: So, per the advice of many of you - some of whom commented and some who IMed me indignantly - I brought the coffee, which was very appreciated. More updates as they happen - hopefully this will lead to an instance of sitting-down-mutually-consuming-coffee-in-each-other's-presence. A.k.a. maybe-a-date.]


spork said...

The roommate and I vote for coffee.

familyiseverything said...

bringing them coffee is definitely very cute! Good Luck