September 13, 2005

Observation, on flirting.

I noticed today that it's easier to publicly flirt with guys than with girls.

Straight guys take flirting as their due; gay guys just flirt anyway. With a woman, on the other hand, you have to be pretty sure the attention will be welcome, because straight girls don't flirt with women.*


* I think. I didn't think straight girls cuddled with each other, either, and apparently I'm wrong about that.


The Mirrorball Man said...

Wow. I really just don't understand girls at all.

maudite entendante said...

That's ok; as long as you'll flirt with us, you don't have to understand us. ;c)

emily0 said...

with the bisexuals, anyway. don't be flirtin' with the lesbians.

icarus said...


i flirt with girls all the freakin time. i leave it up to them how they take it. and usually they do. ;-)

i think bein girlygirly helps too?

emily0 said...

My bad experience has been that boys tend not to try and flirt with me, per se; our interactions are more along the line of them walking up to me and smacking me repeatedly in the forehead with their cocks. needless to say, i do not enjoy this kind of "flirting".

i must look like i want this kind of attention or something, because no one ever seems to just nicely compliment me or try to chat me up. nope, it's straight to the "whap her in the face with my dick" technique.

but girls? they flirt. like mad. i'm with icarus, though without any doubt she gets about 40x the attention i do. still, i find girls flirting rather frequently.

icarus said...

i read the above comment to a friend. response: "Wow, that's a lot like being a math major."