September 10, 2005

Nobody Knows that I’m Ashamed to be Transsexual

there's a fantastic post up at transfeminism:

Nobody knows that I’m ashamed to be transsexual
Why am I ashamed? Because I’m surrounded by ashamed transsexuals. I'm surrounded by transsexuals who’ll happily be out and proud about being bisexual, or lesbian, or gay or black or Jewish or Muslim, or polyamorous, or into BDSM or feminism. They will be out and proud about anything but the single thing that has had the most important effect on their lives, their perceptions of themselves, about how they have related to the world for 10, 20, 30, plus years of their lives: being transsexual; anything, anything but be loud and proud.
it's a good read (though it is written poorly *sad*) and it expresses what needs to be expressed more.

the emotion is genuine. and i really, really appreciate that someone is saying this. i wish it had been me, but i'm glad it was someone else just as much...

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giulia said...

that is good.
gia is a beautifoul film....