September 27, 2005

How queer is linguistics?

Sooo queer.

Quotes from today's syntax lecture (and mind you, I don't even like syntax):

"Note that this is how I abbreviate 'linguistics.' It is the L-word."
"It's odd. There's something about the human mind that really likes its categories. We always try to stuff things into binaries. But that's a human bias - there's nothing in the system that tells us it was ever supposed to be binary."
The prof was talking about syntax. But it made me smile anyway. In fact, it reminded me of my long anti-binarism rant on the phonology section of my end-of-undergraduate-career comprehensive exam. I think even my examiners knew I wasn't just talking about phonemes. *smile*

[In other news, the pursuit of Coffee-Recipient continues. We traded e-mail addresses when I brought the coffee, and if I don't receive an e-mail by Thursday, I'm writing a formal invitation-to-coffee-date with an actual suggestion of time and place, attaching it to a sunflower, and bringing it by the office. I think I'm enjoying this process way too much... ]


The Mirrorball Man said...

Ooooh, the courtship rituals of the linguistic species are so intriguingly cute.

emily0 said...

grr! emily zilch want SYNTAX CLASS!


in other news, i got a free CD instructional on micif from a prof at u-aarhus dep't of linguistics (denmark) today. they are strictly free and not to be sold, only copied and given.

that made my day. packages from enthusiastic linguists? yes, please.

maudite entendante said...

Grr! Emily Zilch welcome to my syntax class! Any of the three of them I'll be taking this year! >:c[

Seriously. Come on by. Put on your glasses and some funky metallic nail polish. Slouch a lot (or cut off your legs below the knees and put stilettos heels on the stumps). They'll never know the difference.

emily0 said...

Slouch a lot (or cut off your legs below the knees and put stilettos heels on the stumps).

you are some funny fuck, girl. ha ha!