September 08, 2005

creating a both/& identity in an either/or world

the following is a public service announcement for those of us in the greater boston area. boundless presents:

creating a both/& identity in an either/or world
a free workshop with robyn ochs for celebrate bisexuality day
wednesday, 21 september, 7-9pm at fenway community health

having any sexual orientation at all comes with its own baggage. there are particular issues faced by people who identify as bisexual or who use other labels that defy an either/or interpretation of the world. together we will examine these issues and devise strategies to proudly "be all that we can be." don't miss our special doorprize raffle of the new book co-edited by robyn ochs, getting bi!

this event is open to people of all genders and orientations. light food will be provided. to RSVP (appreciated but not necessary), get more information, or be put on our mailing list, contact julie at 617-927-6369 or directions can be found on our website here. sponsored by fenway community health & the bisexual resource center.

international celebrate bisexuality day is 23 september. for information and resources go to

prevention & education programs manager
research & evaluation department
fenway community health


icarus said...

robyn ochs is awesome. and her workshops are really fun. all the quenchers in the boston area should go. and bring friends! also, a bunch of people we know are featured in getting bi - and i took the photo for one of them!


emily0 said...

yeah, and it's at fenway, so i should be able to actually attend!

boundless is a great program. they have fabulous, if unfortunately infrequent, events. i'm hoping this will also pimp boundless