August 08, 2005

Overheard at Quench Central

We Quenchistas are a relatively serious bunch when there's work to do, or social conditions to be indignant about. But when we're lolling around our fiendish lair, Quench Central, great silliness often ensues. So, in the spirit of InPassing and Overheard in New York, I present an installment of

Overheard at Quench Central:

Icarus: Why don't my breasts do that?
M.E.: 'Cause they're in the wrong place!

"Whoa, that's a wicked lot of milk. The whole Spanish Armada will be coming over for coffee!" - EmilyZilch

"She's so far into the closet that she's halfway to Narnia by now." - Raine

"I have a fever, and the prescription is more Sappho." - friendly local gay boy

M.E.: Wait, you're not allowed to swear.
Icarus: Oh, fuck! I mean, shit! Oh- dammit.
"Fuck, I'm not supposed to swear! Oh, crap, this is going to be hard..." - Icarus

"Ani is our god. We spell her name A - i." - EmilyZilch

Can't wait for issues 1 and 2 to come out in hard copy tomorrow ... !

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