August 26, 2005


no new issue of quench yet. but i need to thank wookiepocket, aka. "mr heathen", for her blinding display of fabulousness. may this brighten your day as much as it did mine.

today at work i am currently wearing:
  1. steel-toed black grinders with red laces, in bad need of a little bootblack attention
  2. dark denim, cuffs rolled bootboy-style to display my boots nicely
  3. red hanky, right pocket, messy presentation
  4. white wife beater with a nice black bra on under
  5. 40s style bib apron with lace touches at the pocket
  6. leather cuff, left wrist
  7. cat's eye glasses, for squinting at computers

watch me as i fuck your archetypes right in the ear.



icarus said...

everyone should also go read her brilliant post "god bless mormon girls."

bat dor said...

*ahem* I've decided that I can revise this thang forever, or just submit. My piece, I mean. Hmm, still not sounding too good.

And don't forget to rotate it counterclockwise once (or, if you must be difficult, clockwise thrice), because my scanner intimidates me almost as much as your mother did last night in bed.

emily0 said...

okay, it's all set. thanks!

icarus said...

ooh ruthie it's cool!

yay bisexuality rants!