August 16, 2005

*gasp* Clothing! Awesome clothing!

This post is a direct result of my previous lesbian swan post. Y'see, I was poking around at BrutalWomen, where I got the Boston Globe link, and I clicked on her cafepress button.

Now, we here at Quench Central have been having a lot of fun looking around cafepress lately. For instance, several of us are very fond of:

and simply

But we're wetting ourselves over Brutal Women:

for example, or
or the kick-ass
I know Christmas isn't for a while yet, but ... well, this site will make me easier to shop for. *smile*


marie b. said...


i'd love that magnet.

in ireland, we're taught to worship the fallen (male) heroes of the revolution. all of the women who sacrificed themselves? who cares? they were just women.


emily0 said...

my dyke friend was all like, "dood. WTF. feminism IS a dating service. just not for men!"

queers. *sigh*

they always make the painfully accurate points, don't they?

i wonder how many women have been seduced during discussions of feminist issues.

i feign ignorance at such feminist intellectual icons as judith "jack" halberstam. whom my lover wishes to bone. (not without me is the only rule i could come up with.)

but i still want the shirt.