August 29, 2005

Garden party and Gayville, USA

Hidey-ho from exile! Your fearless correspondent is battling her way through suburbia, where she recently braved that great ritual of the wild bourgeoisie:

The Summer Garden Party!
(cue creepy music)

Don't worry, I survived. I got to wear my pretty new corset and heels - see?

And I chatted up old men about the weather conditions in various American metropoles and grade inflation at Harvard. (Grrr... I wish.)

I will note, however, that this was the only garden party I've ever heard of with a live klezmer band. ('Cause bourgeois doesn't always mean WASP.) It was combined with a bar mitzvah party in honor of one of the hostess' 14 grandchildren - 10 of whom were the offspring of one daughter, a Lebovitch Chabad housewife who moved to Israel to be fruitful and multiply. You'd be proud of me, dear readers - despite all the folks running around in orange bracelets (in opposition to Israel's pull-out from Gaza) your half-Palestinian correspondent managed to keep a civil tongue in her head. (Unfortunately, mine was the only tongue in there.)

In other news, when I was uploading the garden-party photo, I ran across the following:

The logo of the Mass Commission Against Discrimination, spotted in emily0's bank. Further proof that Massachusetts is the gayest. state. ever.

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